Well 460 miles down and I managed to make it home for Christmas through the rough and tumble of this ‘interesting’ weather we are having.  I had a little trip to Belfast this afternoon and managed to take this shot while waiting for a bus.  I must admit that after being away from Northern Ireland for the past three months, Belfast is an impressive city, and also quite beautiful!

We built this city

Christmas, for me, is not complete without the Christmas tree.  I fondly remember returning from uni to be greeted by this multicoloured beast.  This year was no different, and although I am no longer at uni, I still thoroughly enjoy this sight!

Bright Lights


Yeah, unfortunately due to work commitments and the dark nights, freezing conditions and exhausting my interior shots, it is with great sadness that I hang up my 365 project.  Although I am disappointed at not finishing this quest, I am slightly relieved that I have laid it to rest.  I have realised that the project inflicted a certain discomfort that I didn’t appreciate and was therefore turning my love for photography and discovering new techniques into a chore.  It was therefore not enhancing my skills, but draining my enjoyment.

All these feelings coupled with getting no time outside of work to go exploring, I have decided that enough is enough and I will be able to release myself from the chains of having to submit a photograph for the sake of submitting a photograph.  I can now take my camera out and explore when I get the chance.  I still want to improve and when I do take a photograph I am actually proud of, then I will be able to share it here with you guys and not display work that I am not entirely satisfied with.

I want to thank you all for following me religiously (or if you came to see from time to time), I really appreciate it and I hope you will stop by from time to time to see my latest work or projects that I am carrying out and still want ideas for projects if you think of any.  I still hope to post photos fairly regularly that are not just HDR.  I want to explore phone photography and other areas that excite me from week to week and month to month.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you again soon…


Day 241

Well I have managed to catch manflu today.  I have spent the day in bed and missed my first day at work. ;( Normally I would be happy about having a day off but today I felt like crap and I have deadlines approaching and so a day without work means a day further down the line with double!!  Ah well, (cough, splutter)


This is a view from my window today. The frost that coats the countryside and houses resembles the cold war! or that scene out of ‘Biggles’ the movie when they test the siren that makes everyones skin melt!

My own personal freezer world

See you tomorrow, I’m off to my bed!


Day 240

It is starting to feel more and more like Christmas these last few days.  It is a lovely feeling and the fact that the temperature hasn’t risen above 0 degrees helps add to the ambiance! Christmas trees rock and they smell delicious!

Festive bobbles

See you tomorrow,


Day 239

A little reflection never hurt anybody. Even the kebab house beside the bus stop!


See you tomorrow,


Day 238

Went to Oxford Christmas Market today and was slightly disappointed at what I saw if I was being honest.  The stalls they had were good, but there just weren’t very many of them! They did do a mean cup of hot apple and dark rum!!


See you tomorrow,


Day 237

A bit of junk.  Doing a bit of tidying around the flat today, I don’t really have much stuff but somehow it likes to spread itself everywhere.  Ah well, can’t argue.


Thanks for coming,


Day 236

Well, today I bought a Christmas tree.  I must admit that I didn’t spend a great deal of cash on it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?  All in, this tree, the lights and the decorations cost me a whopping £2.97.  Fact.

Christmas cheap tree

See you tomorrow,


Day 235

Thought I would try something new today and try and increase my capabilities.  The photo, I’ve chosen,  as you may recognise from my shots from London, was taken with my iPhone and I thought I would see if I could create a pseudo-hdr shot from it.  The first photo is the original shot and the second is the hdr.  Let me know your thoughts about it.  Does the hdr shot look better or worse or neither???

london non hdr

london hdr

Thanks for stopping by,


Day 234

‘There once was a boy called Jony,

he took a photo of a castle.

He tried pseudo hdr

and it pleased him thus far…

now have a look and tell him what you think.’

Reflections of a Dream

See you tomorrow,